Data collection on Open Innovation curricula (WP4)

By this questionnaire we aim to collect systematic data on whether and how universities make use of Open Innovation concept in their education programs.
Within the LLP - Erasmus project "European Academic Network for Open Innovation" we would like to gather information on existing curricula about Innovation Management, with the aim of understanding the diffusion of Open Innovation among key topics.
Indeed, although the concept of Open Innovation is relatively new, it has been already integrated by most of the institutions partners of this Erasmus Project in education programs on innovation management. 
For questions and additional information, please contact the project WP4 leader, Prof. Simona Lache.

If you are not yet a member of the OI-Net Community, and if you want to be able to edit your data later, we recommend you to first register to the OI-Net Community as indicated in this short guideline
Advantages of being registered:
- you can input your answers in several steps (you can save and come back later to finish answering).
- you will also have access to the repository of the OI-Net Community.
- you will not have to re-enter your organisation or contact details if you want to participate to further surveys, papers or events.
- you can receive feedbacks on the whole survey if you opt for it.
As many details may be requested in case of a course dealing with Open Innovation, you may consult the following list of questions beforehand to facilitate your collect of data.