D.3.4 - Open Innovation Platform

Mainly relying on the suggestions obtained from the survey (cf D3.3), the D3.4 will result from the collect and evaluation of the different types of material supporting different forms of teaching in relation with innovation (with a strong emphasis on selecting only the material that fulfils high quality criteria set for the content).
Type: Service
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 14
Access to: Public + Restricted to other programmes + Confidential 
  • Besides material that can be directly used in teaching, such as information packages on theories and methodologies, the collaborative space (wiki+OI-Net website + Social medias) will include areas for brainstorming, slide and video sharing.
  • Moreover, the content will contain advice on course structure planning, information on relevant and reliable databases and statistics, collection of business cases focusing on various aspects of OI adapted for different levels of studies, reviews of and suggestions on high-level textbooks and exam questions and grading suggestions.
  • A toolbox (i.e. guidelines, checklists) designed to meet the needs of either executive education or professional partners will also be included in the wiki platform.
  • D3.4 will present the corresponding specification and QoS indicators in terms of operation and in terms of expectation by the various user-groups. This report will be collaboratively built using the wiki platform. The different "Dissemination levels" correspond to access rights and release of the information depending on its maturity/validation phase.