Parallel workgroup meetings of the OI-Net project,
WP2 - WP3 - WP4 and WP5

The European academic network for Open Innovation

13-14 November 2014, Warsaw  , Poland


--> Day 1 - 13/11/2014 pm - Common afternoon and activities all WP2-3-4-5 partners
--> Day 2 - 14/11/2014 whole day - Parallel workshops for WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5
--> Practical details:------
--> You need to register to the meeting if you belong to WP2, WP3, WP4 or WP5 to attend the meeting (closed)
--> on-line web-conf for remote OI-Net members not able to be present in Warsaw on the Thursday 13th afternoon.

--> Forum to collect Questions and Feedback from the participants during the conferences (in Warsaw and on-line)






LLP - Lifelong Learning Programme


Day 1.              13.11.2014 AFTERNOON - Participants: all registered partners
Main location:         Best Western Hotel Felix, Warsaw, Poland
                                   ul. Omulewska 24, 04-128 Warszawa, Poland -
Meeting room:        Conference room BRUKSELA - first floor

  PAD for the minutes: 
13.00-14.30 Board Management meeting WP and Task leaders

Welcoming speech + organizational matters

Invited local speakers: prof.Jacek Guliński, Undersecretary of State in the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher EducationDr Tomasz Kośmider, president of Technology Partners Foundation

Ekaterina Albats LUT, Finland


What has been done
and where are we heading to?

WP 2 presentation

WP 3 presentation 

WP 4 presentation

WP 5 presentation

WP 2 Daria Podmetina, LUT, Finland.

WP 3 Anne-Laure Mention, Tudor, Luxemburg.

WP 4 Laura David, Brasov University of Transylvania, Romania.

WP5 Ger Post, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

15.10-15.20 Synergies between WPs  Moderators: WP2-WP5 leaders

Project Administration (IPR, reporting, working hours claiming) and Dissemination

Ekaterina Albats LUT, Finland

15:45-16:00 C  o  f  f  e  e        b  r  e  a  k 
16.00-16.15 Open innovation in Slovenian firms: preliminary survey results Tjaša Redek, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
16.15-16.50 Workshop on the results of the survey on industrial needs for Open innovation Education in Europe Moderator: Daria Podmetina, LUT, Finland.
16:50-17:00 An example of the best practices of teaching innovation and entrepreneurship to college students: Skills For the Future (SFF) project assessment Maral Mahdad, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy
 17:00-17:50 Round table discussion on the general curricular building  Moderators: 
Ger Post (Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands)
Laura David (University of Transilvania, Romania)
17.50-18.00 Closing the session, organizational matters  Ekaterina Albats LUT, Finland


20:00-...  Evening networking event

Location: Avangarda, Czackiego Street 3/5, Warszawski Dom Technika (Warsaw House of Engineers).

Directions from the venue & public transportation suggestions on the Google map here.  
Directions from the venue   Directions from the venue - end of tram transportation

Web site:   



Day 2.              14.11.2014 - Participants: WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5 partners
Main location:         Best Western Hotel Felix, Warsaw, Poland
Workshop rooms:  WP2: ground floor    /   WP3: second floor  /   WP4: Conference room BRUKSELA - first floor   /   WP5: third floor

Time Workpackage 2 - agenda Workpackage 3 - agenda  Workpackage 4 - agenda  Workpackage 5 - agenda
PADs Minutes: 


Minutes:  Minutes: 
 08:30-08:45  Introduction of the WP2 participants  Introduction of the WP3 participants  Introduction of the WP4 participants

Introduction of the WP5 participants

*As some of the participants are new within OI-Net and/or replacing colleagues a brief introduction is appropriate

 08:45-09:00 Presentation of WP2. Analysis of milestones and QA indicators

 Presentation of WP3

Presentation of WP 4
Analysis on milestones and QA indicators  
 Update overall WP5 deliverables and planning

Deliverable 5.1: Generic and specific competences and skills for OI teachers and trainers

-        Piloting the 2nd draft

Evaluation of 2nd draft questionnaire 
 09:15-10:30  Presentation of the results of D2.1. Survey on Industrial Needs for open innovation education in Europe: survey development, piloting and validation, data collection process Presentation of the results from D 4.1
10:30-11:00 C  o  f  f  e  e        b  r  e  a  k      

Discussion of results of D2.1. Discussing some results on D2.2. Report on industry needs for open innovation education and planning D2.3. Recommendations for open innovation Education Development

Discussion of the structure of the D2.2:

Draft the report on industry needs for OI education development, country and industry specifics, presenting the results.



 OI Cases - review, insights and foresights

Conclusion from D.4.1.
Anchors for support for D.4.2. D.4.3.

Deliverable 5.1 (continued): Generic and specific competences and skills for OI teachers and trainers

-        Preparing feedback to 5.1 team

-        Student version

Distribution strategy + planning
Discussions on the structure of the deliverable D.4.2:
-Role and deployment of multidisciplinary approach in Open innovation and in HE;
Draft of the manual for new courses on open innovation development, considering the multi-disciplinary approach in OI and in HE

Deliverable 5.2: European CCF and its validation

-        Developing a common understanding and vision on the content and modules

-        Developting design specs and process

-        Akari Tool

Validation by the OI-Net consortium via OI Platform and during workshops

*All in all, the CCF will allow educators to access the pool of teaching material and guidelines, which helps introducing younger faculty to teaching and ensures sustainability within each university.. It will provide categorized OI materials based on the industry specific needs (?), level of study (bachelor, master), intensity (full year, semester, intensive course etc) that OI-Net members could customize for their own use. The CCF will cover case studies, IPR topics and other materials and tools developed in WP3 and WP4

12:30-13:30 L  u  n  c  h        b  r  e  a  k



Discussion of the content of D2.2: Brainstorming and collecting ideas for report and integration of results from different countries. Analyzing the data collected and perspectives for application of the data by other WPs. Future usage of the data for teaching and research, IPR.

Discussions and clarifications on deliverable D.2.3: first draft for report on recommendations for OI education
 Dealing with IP in OI contexts: collective brainstorming on key issues  
Discussions on the content of the deliverable D.4.2: Collecting ideas for
Training material, illustrating open innovation curricula and ultidisciplinary

Deliverable 5.2(continued):  European CCF and its validation

-        Developting design specs and process

-        Akari Tool

Validation by the OI-Net consortium via OI Platform and during workshops

*Based on the OI-Net proposal a general meeting will be held with representatives (Month 19) in view of confirming and further improving the syllabus

Discussions and clarifications on deliverable D.4.3: first draft on methodology for
analysis of the curricula on OI in HE

Deliverable 5.3: Piloting the European CCF

-        Candidates for piloting the CCF (profiles, contexts, level of study, intensity, etc.)

-        Process and timing (taking into account the WP2-5 planning and local procedures for approval of (new) course or curriculum development

Outline and evaluation scheme

*At least 3 pilot implementations of the CCF will be planned to test the Common Curricula Framework, the Terms of Reference, the Pedagogical guidelines. These pilots will in fact participate to the construction of all these elements after the first version of CCF and ToRs. The pilots will test the approach in different contexts (full curricula on OI, advanced Units, and sub-unit modules to be integrated into other curricula and trainings).

15:30-16:00 C  o  f  f  e  e        b  r  e  a  k     
16:00-16:45  Discussion and clarification of the D2.3: indicators, structure and content of the report. Setting deadlines and objectives for finalizing the WP2.   Setting deadlines and objectives 
Discussions and clarifications on deliverable D.4.3: The indicators and factors influencing
the curricula and List of indicators characterizing the OI, Innovation and Global Innovation management curricula

Updated WP5 work plan

-        Planning, activities and ownership

-        Alignment with other work groups

Any other business
16:45-17:00 Conclusions for WP2 session Conclusions for WP3 session Conclusions for WP4 session Conclusions for WP5 session
 17:00-18:00 Joint   Wrap-up   session   with   all   WP   groups   partners
room: tbd
 18:00  e n d     o f     t h e     w o r k i n g     s e s s i o n 
 20:00 Evening networking event

Location: U Barsa Restaurant. RYNEK STAREGO MIASTA 12/14

Directions from the venue & public transportation suggestions on the Google maps here

Web site:


Participant list parallel groups - Warsaw meeting 2014-11
WP3 Minutes - meeting Warsaw 20141114
Board meeting minutes - Warsaw 20141113